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Did you know that routine appliance maintenance can save you time, money, and stress?

Appliance cleaning and maintenance doesn’t just make your appliances look nice, it helps them last longer as well. We offer quality cleaning and inspection for refrigerators, ice machines, dryers, and window AC units. Contact our office to learn more or schedule your maintenance appointment online.

refrigerator coil cleaning ice machine cleaning dryer vent inspection dryer vent cleaning window AC coil cleaning Coffee Machine Cleaning

Self cleaning requires extremely high temperatures that can damage your oven, leaving you high and dry with holiday guests waiting! We recommend cleaning your oven manually or using the self-clean feature at least two weeks before a special meal.

complete maintenance package

Annual Maintenance Package

$ 83 00
Per Month
  • Refrigerator
  • Oven and Range
  • Washing Machine
  • Dryer
  • Dishwasher
*Each additional appliance is $40 per unit. Payment is due upon purchase of maintenance package.

Explore single appliance maintenance packages

combine and save!

Take advantage of our five-appliance maintenance package for professional care of some of your biggest investments.

Our technicians will provide expert service to help keep your appliances (and your home) running smoothly.

Keep your home and family safe with our Annual Appliance Maintenance Package.

  • Refrigerator Maintenance: condenser coil cleaning, water filter replacement, leak inspection, and more.
  • Oven and Range Maintenance:  temperature calibration if needed, complete inspection of unit operation, and more.
  • Washing Machine Maintenance: leak inspection, examination of all functions and features, and more.
  • Dryer Maintenance: lint and other debris removal and more.
  • Dishwasher Maintenance: filter cleaning, leak inspection, assessment of the operation, and more. 

Single Appliance Maintenance

Dryer Vent Cleaning & Inspection

$ 120 00
Per Unit
  • dryer fire prevention
  • faster dry times
  • Energy Bill Savings
  • Fire department & manufacturer recommended

Dryer vent cleaning can save you money on energy bills. More importantly, it can save you from a dangerous fire hazard. Dryer fires cause millions of dollars in damages and several deaths ever year.

How? The excess lint in your dryer vents combined with the heat from your dryer is the perfect recipe for fire.

Keep your home and family safe with our Dryer Vent Cleaning & Inspection Special.

Your refrigerator’s condenser coils collect dust and hair over time. Therefore it’s very important to keep the coils clean on all your refrigeration and cooling units.

Why? Because the dust and debris makes it harder for your refrigerator to keep cool. It will have to work much harder to maintain an ideal temperature with dirty condenser coils.

Let our certified expert technicians take care of your refrigerator coil cleaning. We also clean coils on wine coolers!

Refrigerator condenser coil cleaning

$ 150 00
Per Unit
  • Energy Bill savings
  • Prolonged Appliance Life
  • FREE with completed repair
  • Less dirty work for you

Ice Machine cleaning

* prices vary
Call to Discuss
  • Mold prevention
  • Ceaning & descaling
  • Residential Machines
  • Expert Service

Did you know that mold and mildew can thrive in a dirty ice machine? That’s why it’s so important to clean your ice machine regularly.

When? We recommend having your ice machine cleaned every six to twelve months, depending on use.

If your ice machine hasn’t been cleaned recently — or ever — please contact us to schedule a cleaning and maintenance appointment.

ice machine clenaing

Good news! Did you know you can save 10-25% on your electricity bill by having your window/portable AC’s coil cleaned?

Why? This preventative maintenance will increase the longevity of your AC and is also factory recommended.

We also recommended having your condensate drain pan cleaned which will prevent any leakage or water backing into your home.

window ac cleaning

window or portable AC coil clenaing

* prices vary
Call to Discuss
  • energy bill savings
  • increased aC longevity
  • cooler temperatures
  • condenser coil & drain pan cleaning

Miele Coffee Machine cleaning

* prices vary
Call to Discuss
  • Keeps Coffee Tasting Fresh
  • Ceaning & descaling
  • Residential Machines
  • Expert Service

Did you know the buildup of coffee and minerals can affect the taste and clog the machine’s parts? 

When? We recommend having your coffee maker cleaned every three to six months depending on usage.

Trust your Miele coffee machine to the experts for a thorough cleaning job.

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