Maintenance Tips

Dryer Vent Cleaning & Inspection Service

And don’t forget to keep your home safe and healthy with our friendly dryer vent cleaning and inspection for only $95 bucks! (in addition to service fee and trip charge)

  • Prevent dryer fires
  • Clothes dry faster
  • Save on energy cost
  • Fire department & manufacturer recommendation



Don’t let this happen to you. Give us a call, and we will take care of your dryer maintenance and vent cleaning services!



Just like the dryer video, your condenser coil can become dirty. Therefore it is very important that you keep your coils clean on all your refrigeration and cooling units. Let our certified expert technician take care of all your coil needs. No need to worry we will take care of your coils with our friendly coil clean rate of only $50.00 bucks (or free with any repair done) on any of these appliances listed: Wine coolers, Refrigerators, and Portable A/C Units.

Ice Machines

  • We recommend having ice machine cleaned every six months or once a year (depending on usage)
  • If your ice machine hasn’t been cleaned at all or within the last six months, no worries! Please contact us for your next cleaning, and we will discuss pricing and availability for your next cleaning and maintenance visit.

IceMachine IceMachine2



Good news! Did you know you can save 10-25% on your electricity bill by having your window/portable AC’s coil cleaned? We also recommended having your condensate drain pan cleaned which will prevent any leakage or water backing into your home. This preventative maintenance will increase the longevity of your appliances and is also factory recommended.