Ice Machine Repair Sugar Land, TX

Ice machine repair in Houston and surrounding areas, including Missouri City & Pearland.

When it comes to your ice machine needs, maintenance, service, repair and ice machine cleaning we have you all covered with our experienced, licensed certified technicians.

We don’t just repair your ice machine, we also provide in-depth cleaning services, and we make sure your ice machine coils are free of any debris and is running to factory specs. Finally, by doing all the above, you will save energy on your electric bill, and most importantly your ice machine will last 10 to 15 years depending on usage, care, and the environment it’s located.

fast Ice Machine Repair

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Common Ice Machine Problems

A broken ice machine can certainly throw a wrench in your party plans! Don’t let this happen to you.

Schedule service and maintenance with our ice machine repair Sugar Land, TX experts. We work on all the following problems:

Ice machine longevity

We recommend that you clean your ice machine every six months to keep it in tip top shape. Replace the water filter at least once per year, depending on use.
The water pressure required for your ice maker to work is between 30 to 120 PSI.
Most ice machines and today’s market should be clean with nickle-safe ice machine cleaner and sanitizer.
Manufacturers recommend this should be done every time your clean light comes on or every six months to a year, depending on your water quality. Always refer to your owner’s manual for cleaning products and instructions. 
All moving parts including hoses, ice scope, ice bin, evaporator coil, water sensors, water pump, condenser coil, and more. In most cases, your ice machine will require a deep clean, removal of parts, and a second to third wash. We recommend a professional, licensed, certified, experienced company (like us!) to do your ice machine cleaning. 

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