Our diagnostic/service call fee is $165.00.

Our warranty is 90 days for parts and labor.

Yes, we do offer coupons! Please check our coupons page here.

Yes, we are a BBB Accredited Busiess with an A+ Rating.
We honor our estimate for up to 30 days.
All of our techs have 15+ years of experience.
Yes, all of our techs are licensed, certified, and factory-trained.
Masterminds of Appliances was established in 2010.
Yes, we are factory-authorized to repair most major appliance brands.

In most cases we can repair your appliance the same day. We keep all of our service vehicles fully stocked with the most common repair parts. However, some parts may require a special order, which can take up to 5 to 7 business days, depending on the availability of the part.

Yes, our technicians keep their trucks fully stocked with most common parts. However, some parts will need to be ordered if it is not in our truck stock or our warehouse.

Yes, you can order parts yourself. However, you will not be eligible for our in-house 90-day warranty or any coupons we offer.

Yes, you will still need to pay our service charge/diagnostic fee. The same applies if you had another company out and wanted a second opinion.
No, but we make sure that our repair costs are in line with, and are based on the Appliance Blue Book, which is the national standard pricing guide for appliance repairs. You will be given a written estimate, and a copy will be emailed or texted to you. If you approve the repair, you will be charged for a service call, parts, labor, and taxes if a part is needed. If a part is not required, you will only be charged our service call, labor, and taxes. Please note our labor rate is a flat rate, and not hourly.

Yes, our tech will give you a 30-minute window before they arrive.

Check, cash, and credit cards.

No, we never charge our customers credit card fees.
Yes! We send email or text reminders the day before your appointment.
Yes, our technician will wear a facemask and shoe covers before entering your home or business. They will also ask to wash their hands with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, the tech will either sanitize or wear gloves.

Yes, all of our technicians are vaccinated. We ask that if you choose not wear a facemask, keep a six feet distance from the technician whenever possible.

Yes, this will be the only way our tech can perform repairs on your appliance.
Yes, please put your pet away in a safe area before the tech arrives.

The manufacturer recommends that you clean your dishwasher and dishwasher filter at least once a month. For best wash performance, clean the filter after each load.

If any food residue blocks the spray arm holes, remove it with a pin or any sharp tool.

Measure 3 tbsp. (40g) of citric acid powder and use it to fill the main detergent compartment. Run a clean machine cycle or heavy cycle. Do not use detergent.

Rinse aid is strongly recommended to enhance the drying performance of the dishwasher.

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