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13 Reasons Why Your Dryer Is Getting Too Hot While Running

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We’ve all been there. You reach into your dryer, expecting warm, cozy clothes, but instead, you’re greeted by an unexpected burst of scorching heat. A dryer that gets too hot is not just inconvenient—it can be dangerous. In this guide, we’ll discuss why your dryer is getting too hot and what you can do about it.

What to Do When Your Dryer Is Getting Too Hot

When you start noticing that your dryer is getting too hot, it might be tempting to ignore the issue. However, addressing it promptly can save you from bigger hassles down the road. Let’s explore the common causes.

User Error Issues


Loading too many clothes into your dryer can be tempting, especially when you’re in a hurry. But it restricts airflow, causing the dryer to overheat. A good rule of thumb is to fill the dryer drum no more than three-quarters full.

dryer is overheating

Using the Wrong Setting

Different fabrics have different drying needs. Some settings produce higher heat than others. Always check the labels on your clothes and ensure you’re using the right setting for the type of load.

Maintenance Issues

Blocked or Restricted Vent

One of the most common reasons a dryer is getting too hot is a blocked or restricted exhaust vent. Lint accumulation or other obstructions prevent hot air from efficiently exiting the dryer. Make it a routine to check and clean your venting system regularly.

Lint Trap Not Cleaned Regularly

It’s easy to forget, but the lint trap should be cleaned after every cycle. Failing to do so reduces airflow, causing the dryer to run at higher temperatures.

Dirty or Clogged Interior or Vent

Lint isn’t just limited to the trap! Over time, lint and debris can build up inside the dryer around the drum and heating element, as well as inside the exhaust venting. Regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent this from becoming a fire hazard.

dryer gets too hot inside

Mechanical or Functional Problems

Failed Thermostats

Thermostats play a crucial role in regulating the temperature inside the dryer. If one malfunctions, it might not shut off the heating element as it should, leading to an excessively hot dryer.

Faulty Heating Element

If the heating element remains on continuously without cycling off, it’s a clear sign of a problem, and it’s likely causing the dryer to overheat.

Worn-Out Drum Seals

Damaged or worn-out drum seals can let in excess air, causing temperature inconsistencies and overheating.

Malfunctioning Timer

Sometimes, the timer might not advance as it should, leading the dryer to run longer and causing it to overheat.

Faulty Motor

Certain dryer motors come with internal thermostats. A malfunction in these thermostats can cause the motor, and subsequently, the dryer, to run much hotter than normal.

Damage to the Dryer

Improper Venting Materials

Using unsuitable materials for dryer venting, like vinyl, can cause overheating issues. Stick to smooth metal ducting for best results.

dryer burning clothes

Vent Hose Kinks

Ensure the vent hose at the back of your dryer isn’t kinked or crushed. This seemingly small issue can majorly restrict airflow, leading to overheating.

External Factors

Where you place your dryer matters. If it’s in a confined space with poor ventilation, this can contribute to overheating problems.

In many instances, these problems can be prevented or fixed with some DIY know-how. But if you’re uncertain or the issue persists, it’s time to call in the professionals. If your dryer is getting too hot and you need reliable repair service, turn to the dryer repair experts at Masterminds of Appliances. We’ll have your dryer running smoothly and safely in no time.

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